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Services at PSAC

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About this page

by T. Elliott

This page is about some of the services we offer. We recommend a consultation if you are new to homeschooling and wish more information about our services. Contact us today for an appointment.

Accredited Private School

Types of ServicesAcademy NW, is accredited through AdvancedED, formerly the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), the only regional accreditation agency for Pacific NW Schools. Additionally, the Washington State Board of Education annually approves Academy NW as a Private School. Academy NW is a not for profit corporation which is overseen by a board of directors. However, Family Academy is a non-profit organization. This gives the best of both worlds to make sure your students graduate with an Accredited Diploma and an Official Transcript so your student can avoid unnecessary extra steps when applying for the college of their dreams. Many Universities require Accredited Diplomas and Official Transcripts. For more on this, please contact us.

Biblical Worldview

The purpose of this course is to allow our students to examine the basics of truth and the reasonability of the Bible, Christian faith, key issues and to move from a borrowed faith to an owned faith. this is a required course for graduation through Family Academy/Academy NW. A week long camp to discover the reality of Christianity is recommended. This is held each summer in various locations around Washington.

On-Line Courses

We currently offer a few online courses like PE1; PE2. We are hoping to have the following courses up online soon: Biology; Mythology; Achieving College and Careers; American Literature; Modern World History. More are coming, come back often to see the new updated list!

Quarterly Conferences

As part of PSAC, quarterly conferences are a great time to discuss your student's or your own adult program's progress. We can offer conferences in a variety of settings like Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. We will work with you on your schedule! These are great times to work on positive changes or praise your students!

Credit Retrieval

Did your student fail a course? We can help! Sign up for our credit retrieval program. Retake the course for credit. Some courses available online for easy convenience for your student to work at home after school!

Individualized Planning

Whether your a K-8 Homeschooler or a parent of a high school student, we offer individualized planning and 4 year plans required for their portfolios. Set an appointment today!

Standardized Testing

PSAC offers standardized testing to meet Homeschool Guidelines for Washington State. Most testings are done in May of each year. Contact us for more information.

High School Completion for Adults

Did you drop out of High School and are wondering if you could complete your High School Diploma in lieu of getting a GED? You can! We can evaluate your graduation status, and you can pick up where you left off! We can work with you through online lessons or you can meet with us once a week to get lessons and do them on your own time. Work at your own pace! For a consultation, contact us today!

Parent Training

Are you new to homeschooling? Don't know where to start? This course will give you the basics, the law, and how to get started! We also offer services to help you be a successful homeschooler! Signing up is easy! We walk side by side with you for the first year. We are available to answer questions and help you and your children when in need. Contact us today if you are struggling! Homeschooling is an adventure and can be very rewarding for both you and your student!