PSAC has experience in ADD, ADHD, and Bi-Polar Disorders.

Raising six children within a blended family has presented it's challenges. From a child with Bi-polar disorder to another with a speech impairment to our youngest with a heart condition.

Over the 28 years I have taken many classes to learn how to deal with each of our children's disorders. Most from classes like ADHD; ADD have such similarities that we were able to use those techniques to benefit our children and their unique learning styles.

High School Education

One of the biggest problems for Home School Parents is how to teach High School and make sure that your student earns accreditation and an official transcript.

Many homeschool parents give up at this point and send their student's to traditional High Schools or Private Schools. You don't need to be one of those parents. We can help you succeed teaching your student!

Washington State Homeschool Law allows your student some flexibility while meeting state mandated guidelines for graduation requirements. We have successfully graduated three homeschool students, and one with Academy Northwest! We can help you today!

Each of our children have received an accredited diploma and official transcript that allowed easy access into the colleges of their choice. Many Four-Year Universities have such hoops a homeschool parent has to go through just to get their student in! If only they had utilized Academy Northwest for their high school student, they would have avoided a lot of headache, time, energy all to be turned down! Many Four-Year Universities will not accept a parent issued diploma and home transcript since they are not considered accredited!

So let us help you train your student so they have every advantage to succeed. Let's sit down and go over your student's four year plan and at least help you get on track. You don't have to sign up with us at this time. We just want to help you stay on the homeschool track and assist with accreditation of your student's courses.

High School Students

This is the most critical time in your student's life. You only have a few short years and they will become adults you hope them to be.

Rebellion is a normal part of their life. If your curriculum is not liked, your going to struggle with your teen. It's time to try something new.

Teenagers love the internet. So capitalize on that! There are so many requirements and guidelines, let us help you and your student achieve success in high school!

Our consultations are $45.00. When you arrive at your appointment, make sure you bring your student's transcripts, immunization record and of course your student! It's worth the price to see how we can help! We will answer all your questions and assist you in making the right decision with your student!

Don't delay, start today!