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Washington State History - A Highschool Curriculum Rerource for Homeschoolers.

Learn history from a book, or go experience it! This book will give you the research for each topic over an 18-week course. Expand on this by going out and spend another 18 weeks going out and verifying what you have researched! There are tons of things within a 4-hour driving experience that you can do! Plan a vacation for other parts of the state. You will be glad you did!

CalcuLadder 1-6 - A series of six one-year units in Math.

The Calculadders are a series of six one-year units spanning 16 drills each. Any CalcuLadder unit may be used as needed at any grade level along with any math curriculum, or as a stand-alone curriculum. These cover every area of math skills from First Grade through Pre-Algebra. Each unit comes with a slate board so no need to copy pages. Use a cloth to wipe away. The answers are on the back of each page.

AlphaBetter - An Alphabet Workbook with Drills per Unit.

The workbook has twelve copies of each of its 16 exercises. Your child takes minutes each day to repeat a given drill until they can complete it smoothly and confidently.

Ready Writer - A Pictorial Approach to Writing.

There are 16 beautiful exercises which portrays a scene from Farmer Brown's farm, with a brief, fun story to set the context. While your children complete various visual elements (missing parts!) in the pictures, they get lots of practice in stylus skills, eye-hand coordination, and forming complete printed characters - more than in many beginning penmanship workbooks.

Teaching My Own - A K-8 Planner & Record Keeping Resource Book.

A simple, yet comprehensive tool. Whether a new homeschooler or a veteran, this resource will serve as one of the most simple, yet effective ways of planning and recording a child's educational journey (K-8).

High School Your Way - An Independent Study & Planning Guide.

This guide peovides a simple method for tracking and recording high school course work. It encourages creativity, time management, and planning. It teaches how to plan all steps necessary for developing a course and for determining credit and grades without having to do a "correspondence course" or "fill-in the blank" workbook approach.

Homeschooling the High Schooler - A resource which overviews high school academics,

Besides learning about academics with this resource, additional areas cover credit requirements, transcripts, GED, college entrance, scholarships, and a "how to" of developing courses, amonng other topics!

Sanctifinder - Making Bible lookups quick and easy!

These set of drills will aid the student in just a few minutes a day, and within nine weeks, your children can have instant access to every Bible book in its proper place, and master its spelling, too! There are mazes and other activities to teach the order and spelling of all 66 Bible books.

Other titles coming soon!